Zuma Must Go


 I received a text message from my grandma in South Africa, asking me if I was aware of the Zuma Must Go march this Friday, to which I said no. I asked some of my friends in South Africa and one of my girlfriends said she will be part of the march because she’s had enough of President Zuma and that he’s “becoming a Mugabe. He is so pompous and he knows nothing will happen to him. We need a revolution.”

If I was in South Africa, I would have probably took to the streets as well, because I was never much of a fan to start with, I didn’t think he would make a good president. He’s been president since 2009 and is now serving his second hopeless term. Unfortunately, presidential terms run for 5 years in South Africa, which is why he’s legally supposed to be in office until 2019.


There’s no doubt that he’s done some good for the country, some, but he’s done more good for his own family using state money to build a lavish estate. And of course he had no idea that 13 plus millions of tax payer money was used to build his kingdom for his 20~ kids and lawd knows how many wives.

Praying that the protest will be a peaceful one, that everyone will be safe, and productive. Whatever that means. I’m a little anxious on my end. I feel as though people are so angry and frustrated with the administration, and the government on the other hand is very comfortable in their incompetence. It also just takes one person to start a riot.

Praying for safety.

May peace be with you,

~Thabie Joy~

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