Destructive & Cruel

Day# 94

Have you heard or read about the chemical attack in Syria? I seriously don’t have words for this destructive and cruel act. I glanced at the article for a few minutes without reading it in its entirety, there’s only so much cruelty I can fathom. Nothing on God’s good earth gets to me as much as injustice does, which is obviously driven by evil. The extent to which people will go to flex their muscles at the other, is mind boggling. How sad and empty of a soul that you get to a point where taking someone else s’ life in such a cruel manner, is okay. I am sad for the families left behind, I’m sad for their loss, I just can’t imagine living with such a pain. I’m sitting on my bed in the Golden State of California on a warm Spring day writing this, thousands and thousands of miles away, yet my heart weeps for them. How sorrowful the families must feel, I will never know.

To those who lost their lives, may your beautiful souls rest in eternal peace. I pray that the families will feel comforted and loved during and throughout this awful time. I pray for peace on earth. I pray for a day when the east, west, south and the north can all coexist. We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. We have so much to teach the other and just as much learning from the other.

My prayers also go out to all the sad people that are broken in such a way that they are blinded by their own pain and see no way out, other than inflict such immeasurable evil on others. I pray that your soul will find the peace and rest it so longs for. I pray that you will find love and joy in your heart.

With all the joy in the world,

~Thabie Joy~

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