Second Chances


I’m meeting a girlfriend of mine for dinner tonight. She and I had a falling out a few years ago, and we decided to go our separate ways. She came to my house a few Fridays ago, for the first time in years, and the reunion was as though nothing had ever happened. We simply picked up from where we left off, and loved on each as we’ve always done.

As awful as it was going from talking to her everyday to essentially deleting everything that reminded me of the good times we had together, I am grateful for this experience. I learned and grew from this experience, the kind of friends I wanted to spend my time with, my limits and so forth.  fighting with one of the people I loved the most and essentially erasing her from my life with the intention of not speaking to her again was really hard, but it had to be done in order for us to realize our potential as friends and as humans.

Allow me to tell you about my best friend. Her name is Diane and she is one of those people that are essential to one’s life for spiritual growth and nurtures one’s soul in a way that can only come from God. She’s born on the 21st of September and I on the 22nd, thus our claim of being twins. Except I’m older by a year. Diane is kindhearted, she’s compassionate, driven, she’s easy on the eye and best of all, she has a great sense of humor. I love spending time with this girl so much. I enjoy the fact that she’s not hard to please and that time spent together is just that, there’s no gossiping about other people. Thank the Lord for that. There’s nothing more draining to me like sitting around and wasting time talking about other people, an unfortunate thing really. I’m so grateful that I outgrew that awful habit as quickly as it came, and that I made the hard decision of leaving friends who indulge in that.

Today I’m grateful for second chances. I’m grateful for amazing forever kind of girlfriends. I’m grateful for growth. And I’m grateful for a life filled with endless possibilities.


~Thabie Joy~

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  1. Moon Star says:

    Love is love. Perish it


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