What Does Professionalism Look Like?

Day #86: Hello From Starbucks

I’m currently shopping around for a graduate school, preferably one that offers online programs, because I want to leave the US and I also want to take advantage of the flexibility of online programs by working at the same time. I just got off the phone with a representative from Southern New Hampshire University whom I think didn’t take me very seriously because I just am on a high today – and every other day. I wasn’t rude or unprofessional by any means, let’s just I didn’t take the interview very seriously, in my head that is. The rep claimed he couldn’t hear me and that he was going to end the call then call me right back, well that was more than an hour ago.

“Life is too short for men to take it seriously.” George Bernard Shaw

The quote above is a synopsis of my life. Through life’s ups and downs (and there were downs), I have come to learn that perhaps I needed to relax my grip on life’s stirring-wheel, because hard work mixed with a hint of fun isn’t such a bad idea after all. I obviously try my best in everything I do, but I have deliberately made it a point to always have a smile on my face, perhaps even a little laughter in everything I do. Just a few years ago this wasn’t the case. I was a sad little girl pretty much my whole life. Pain hardened my heart in such a way that sadness was written all over my countenance even when I was “happy,” which a lot of people don’t believe when I tell them. It wasn’t until I got involved in random events at my college that I discovered that I’m actually a social butterfly who enjoys being engaged and laughing, loudly so at that. Ever since then, I have foundĀ  myself laughing at funerals and birthday parties alike. Relax, I don’t laugh at the dead or death, I have serious moments too :-).

I looked up a few articles on what it means to be professional and almost all of them included the following on their list: showing reliability, paying attention, aiming to give the best you can, showing responsibility and integrity. All of which do not include being uptight. It is because of choosing to joke/have fun/laugh that I’m able to talk about my past, the passing of my mom without sobbing on the spot. In fact, it was the death of my mom that taught me that life is way too short to be spent worrying about things we can’t change and remaining in unpleasant situations for way too long, when the alternative is finding little streaks of joy and happiness even in the darkest of times. Why wait until one has cancer, AIDS or other life threatening diseases before choosing to enjoy life? Being honest? Being vulnerable? And most of all, why wait for death to come knocking on the door that people keep talking about, before become you?

My prayer for you today is that you will learn/relearn to enjoy life, whatever that means for you. May God bless you and yours.


~Thabie Joy~

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