Jambo (Swahili)

Today has been strangely eventful, that by the way is looking on the bright side. My wonderful puppy woke me up about 5:30am and demanded a walk, and when I say demanded a walk…well more or less. I walked him around for an hour and it turned into a rather pleasant walk actually. I haven’t been up that early in a while and I got to watch the sunrise and there’s nothing like a good fresh morning breeze on toasty nostrils, well the smell that came before my dog’s poop. As offensive a smell as it sounds, I was grateful to learn that my sense of smell is alive and well. Later in the day I voyaged to a destination I thought I was meeting my girlfriends for brunch, and it turned out that the meeting is actually tomorrow. I’m not sure what in the name of discombobulated happened with me, but fate led me to a pearl milk tea place where I would later forget that I made a stupid error of not paying attention to the spam group chats. I quickly turned my dwindling day into a photo shoot and I got bobba tea in hands, what more do I want?

With love: TJ28690304_Unknown





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