Today I’m feeling all shades of blue. I did; however, later learn that “Aunt Sally” might have been a contributor. It’s only a matter of time until I turn these lemon feelings into lemonade.28406208_unknownToday I feel particularly overwhelmed with my future plans, school and “Aunt Sally.” 🙂 I’m in a place in my life where I crave freedom, space, and solitude. There are so many voices in my head that I’m trying to escape so I can hear my own thoughts. 28406400_unknownI’m blessed to have parents who are supportive and are always there to guide me. However, I want to establish some sort of independence away from the comfort of my parents nest.  28406880_unknownToday was particularly hard for me because I started the process of applying for jobs internationally. It’s the telling my family that is really hard for me. I know there are always going to support (almost ) everything I do, but every time I leave home, I feel like a part of my mom dies. 28406688_unknownMy family loves having me around just as much as I love being home. Actually, I love being with my family, home I have discovered, is anywhere I haven’t been. Call it an infection from the travel bug.28407744_unknownI have been afforded a unique opportunity that I’m trying to make use of, while I can. Enough of my blubbering. 28409568_unknown28406976_Unknown.JPG28409088_unknown28408608_unknown28410144_unknownWearing: Coat – Thrifted for $9  Hoops – $3 Target  Jeans – Cotton On Shoes – From Taiwan Shirt – I volunteered for what was then a new company, NIKA Water. I haven’t heard anything about the company since.

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