28673696_UnknownDobryj dyen (Greeting in Russian)

My outfit today is inspired by what I wore for my interview the day before. I really enjoy wearing my hair natural, especially for interviews, and the pearls are my life. I tried resurrecting the look the day after, not today, said my hair. I did the best I could to revive my hair but it simply refused, so I settled for a wig. And because I was wanting to have a natural hair and no make up shoot, I opted for a much simpler and plain look. 28679536_UnknownI’ve had quite a few interviews in the past couple of weeks, with my most recent one being a much more attractive offer than the rest. Japan!28679824_UnknownYes, Japan. I’m having a bit of a dilemma because my family is not home and the wait is killing me, and on the other hand I don’t want to tell them over the phone. I just have to wait for three more days. However, I need to reply to the offer within three days. What will it be I wonder.28680400_Unknown28680688_UnknownI really like the candid picture above. I was setting up and making sure that I had sufficient natural light and measuring distance and so forth, when my camera snapped this gem. I wore the pumps below. Excuse my dog’s stank eye.   28673392_Unknown

What I Wore:

Shoes – Are my mom’s 🙂 (I think from Macy’s)

Dress – Gap store in Thailand

Beret – Thrifted in Santa Fe

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 have a blessed week.

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