Life Goals


It’s amazing how efficacious and vigorous our imaginations are as kids as opposed to when we are adults. I don’t know if it’s the knowledge that we can only do so much as human beings or perhaps it’s the hindrance from our good ole’ friend, fear. I used to love the idea of myself as Madam President Shabalala, perhaps the first female president of South Africa. And now…now all I want is  five acres of land with as many foster/adopted kids as possible, my own cattle, grow my own fruits and veggies, while minding my own business. 28398144_unknownWhat lies between these two dreams are life experiences. Life has its own way of ever so roughly tossing and turning our lives to and sometimes far from our goals. 28397856_unknownThis quote right here, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart,” by Anne Frank hit me to the core this week.

28396624_unknownThe quote came as a gentle reminder to me, to keep having the faith of a child, one that is ever so hopeful and alive with possibilities. I refuse to give up believing that people are, in essence, good. I refuse to let the injustice and craziness of this world drive me to the point where I am numb to everything around me. I refuse.

28396128_unknownI am a lover of peace.

I am a lover of justice.

I am a lover of laughter.

I am.

I am.

And will always be in pursuit of the peace that God has promised us.



Beret – Target

Shoes – Nordstrom

Sweatshirt – Forever 21

Skirt – Thailand (Don’t remember the exact store I got it from).

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