Valentine Blues…


I’ve been in New Mexico visiting my grandparents, the past couple of weeks. I had originally thought of NM as plain and unexciting, boy was I wrong. First, when  I got here, it was as though I had stepped back 50 years in time. I went to a couple of shows/museums/ to observe some of the Native art/singing/dancing, mostly Pueblo Indians, and each experience has been incredible. I have learned so much about the state and Native Americans in three weeks than I ever did in school. More on this later, but first, my Valentine’s Day fit.

I spent three days of my life sewing this dress and kimono, only to find out that the dress is extremely tight, like can’t wear it anywhere kind of tight. It would seem that I underestimated my buttocks. Such is life I guess.

I also tried a “cat eye” or a “wing(s)”  as some would call it. Major fail, but I wasn’t about to wash my face and then reapply the little I know about make-up.

Have a lovely week and God bless.


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