Leg Day


Greetings to you all. As per usual, I hope your week went well. Mine went something like this, a bit of sunshine with a little bit of shade. I love taking advantage of the sunshine whenever the weather allows.

I’m reading one of my grandma’s all time favorite books, Hinds’ Feet on High Place. Very spiritually uplifting book for those who are interested. I’m gonna write a review on the book and post it on the Words&Worlds tab. 28385024_unknown28387760_unknownLighting and all, I was not about to miss this sunlight opportunity. And you ask, isn’t California supposed to be The Golden State? Well, this year is different. Haaaa28388304_unknown28388672_unknown28385856_unknown28385792_unknownThose who know me know that this kind of outfit is a bit of an anomaly for me. The only thing this short in my closet are my workout shorts. I don’t own dress shorts at the moment, and my first time wearing ones was the last year of my teens. I’ve actually been thinking about getting myself some but I haven’t found thee pair. I’m a skirt and dress kinda gal. Shorts are just…short. 28385792_unknown28386176_unknown


This is the true color of the dress. 28387728_unknownWhat I wore:

Dress: Thrifted

Shoes: Taiwan

Watch: Edgars, South Africa

Hat: Nordstrom

Ring: Forever 21

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