Keep Calm and Carry On

Happy New Year! I finally decided to start posting regularly on my blog, and ditch the anticipated fear of being judged by people on my style, my writing, my earlobes and whatnot. I’m ready to learn. I’m ready to grow. I’m ready to fall and just as ready to get back up.two.pnguno.pngMy hairstyle was a result of unforeseen coarse hair shenanigans. Luckily, I had synthetic yaki hair at home. I did a braid and wrapped it around my head…bam!Untitled.pngI love everything about this skirt: its texture, the color, length and its style. I bought it in Thailand almost two years ago, and today was actually my first time wearing it.three.pngSo while I was busy being Miss Vogue, my sleeves were falling from grace. I noticed way after my photoshoot that my sleeves had been hanging on a thread, literally. I then tried to emulate the pose because I liked it so much, nope, not even close. This is when Keep Calm and Carry On came in handy.four.pngWearing: EARRINGS – courtesy of great grandma’s, NECKLACE – Belle de Mer from Macy’s, TOP- thrifted in Thailand, Skirt- thrifted in Thailand, SHOES – Nine West

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