Internal Warfare

I had imagined my first blog post as inspirational, or maybe one of those cliché stories, pages upon pages about myself with a candid picture to seal the vanity. Hey what can I say, I love me some me and people ought to read and see gorgeous pictures of me right? Yet, here I am at 1am deeply troubled by the atrocities around us. I remember the now declared war in Ukraine when it was just riots a few years ago. I can still recall going through a carefully crafted abstract on BBC News about the escalating tension dating back to the end of the Soviet Union. And now here we are, another war on our hands. The horrific kidnapping and killing of people in North Africa by the terrorist group Boko Haram sends chills to my spine. Not to mention the crashing and disappearing of planes in Asia.

In light of recent events, I would like to dedicate my first blog post to my Asian brothers and sister in the north, south, east and west of the continent. Especially my Middle Eastern fellow mates who are fleeing their homes because of the constant torture and cruelty hammering their lives. I would also like to dedicate this post to my African brothers and sisters as well, fleeing the continent for the same reason, South America I see you. I would also like to highlight the commemoration of 71 years of the holocaust, the one that took place in Auschwitz and other concentration camps, amongst others. The remembrance brought back to me familiar words I had read in my history book as a child, “Never Again” shall we witness a holocaust and war crimes. Yet here we are 70+ years later, living and breathing war, horrific and malicious acts of evil in every corner. Frontline’s Samantha Power brilliantly described the phrase “Never Again” as “the world’s most unfulfilled promise,” and I couldn’t agree more. More than 2000 people were burned to ashes by Boko Haram in Nigeria just a few months ago and more people continue to be killed. The persecution of Yazidis in Iraq, the never-ending wars in Congo, CAR, Sudan, I can go on and on. Emm never again what again?

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