I hope your entry into the new year was a merry and joyous one. 28392608_unknownI’m out here trying to keep it together whereas in reality, I’m freaking out. I’m currently studying for the GRE in hopes of getting into an MBA+MA in International Policy and Development program at Monterey Institute of International Studies. fullsizeoutput_49fThis year, my New Year’s Resolutions are:

  1. Humility – G-d knows I can use a whole lot of it.
  2. Patience – This particular one is a very important reminder for me to be patient with the process. Be it school, career, relationship and so on.
  3. Resilience – This one is a great transition from #2. Being patient with the process is one thing, resilience is trusting the process and actually sticking it out even through difficult times, with the knowledge that the best is yet to come.
  4. Love – This one here is my personal favorite. I want to be intentional with the way I love on people. I want to develop a love as that of the Father. I know I can never get close to how God loves us, but I won’t give up trying to. I want to die trying.
  5. The fifth and last one is JOY or perhaps gratitude. I am blessed beyond words, and as of this year, I want to act like it. I want to relearn finding joy in the smallest and simplest of things as I did as a kid. fullsizeoutput_4a128392448_unknownfullsizeoutput_49e28392528_unknown28392992_unknownMy best friend Celeste bought these shoes for my birthday and shipped them to Cali from RSA. My bestie for the win.

    Wearing: Dress – Cotton On – Hat -Thrifted Shoes: RSA

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