The Promised Land

My favorite and only traveling partner Gracie and I visited The Promised Land. We were there for two weeks, which was not plenty of time, according to Gracie. I agree with her. There’s a lot to learn, do and see in this tiny disputed land and 2 weeks just aint gonna cut it. The little time we spent there was marvelous. Each day was like a puzzle that slowly came together with every sunrise and sunset. We traveled with an amazing group of people which made it the more fun. Here are a few pictures from our trip. Most of them are taken in the middle of … let’s just say desert. 15167500_162541807548262_4496179091735809742_o15167717_162542290881547_7001047250153230655_oThe Sea of Galilee 15168658_162546100881166_5645646055603046422_oCapernaum15138555_162545744214535_6309314727501370212_o15156941_162546490881127_2877254963256935340_o15129672_162546580881118_8854504183437487136_oThis is one of my favorite pictures, period. I had a lovely time just sitting on the steps meditating. This picture was taken at The Red Sea.15068989_162544054214704_5946828967890996303_o15069138_162543620881414_1984740437420514207_oMy home church in South Africa is called Mount Carmel and I had always wanted to visit the real Mount Carmel in Israel, and here I was. 15129058_162546664214443_3724219319789941055_oThis picture was taken in good ole’ Masada.15129582_162544444214665_5022954083928701591_o15129625_162544987547944_1221951529641845202_oIf there’s anything I learned from this trip is that I fancy myself a Superwoman. 🙂15168860_162545197547923_3673387810305462793_o

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